July 13, 2015

TboLive Audio

Hear live recorded song samples from TboLive below. All songs can be performed either acoustically or electrically, depending on the event and the audience.

TboLive SOLO1TboLive‘s unique solo live music show features quality sound, distinctive guitar work and renowned artist replication. It is uniquely designed for small clubs, wineries and restaurants, performed at any volume with audiences dancing, conversing and socializing throughout the show. Live quality music and tons of fun. All shows are advertised on Facebook.

                                                                           solo acoustic / electric guitar & vocal

                                                                                   rock & pop historic songs

                                                                                 professional backing tracks

                                                                                                                          distinctive quality live sound & music entertainment

                                           “downsize the cost & upsize the music”


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TboLive OVAL 2048 Wide

Like A Rolling Stone – Backing Track for Jordan Binnington & Joe Hipperson

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